Roll over to zoom Male Receptacle, 313-777 MCM, Single Hole Bus Bar


Rhino-Hide 49 Series Single Pole Male Receptacle (Color Coded Metal Housing, Contact, & Dust Cap), Single Hole Bus Bar, Industrial Grade, 313MCM-777MCM Cable, 1000 Volt, 1135 Amp Max – GRAY

Designed for the most extreme, demanding conditions, the 49 Series of high amperage devices includes male and female plugs, panel mount receptacles and accessories. They are an ideal solution for installations on both new and existing silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) and generator stations as well as on generator stations and new oil or gas rigs.

  • Cast aluminum powder-coated receptacle housing is color-coded for quick visual identification of circuit and phase connections
  • TPV cap prevents contamination when receptacle is not in use
  • Captive stainless steel clevis bracket accepts industry standard lockout; «X» versions feature 45° for easier access in smaller panels