circuit breaker 3VA5 UL frame 250 breaking capacity class C 100kA @ 480V 4-pole, line protection TM240, ATAM, In=125A overload protection Ir=100A…125A short-circuit protection Ii=5…10 x In N conductor protection 100% without connection

This new technology created by Siemens expands the capabilities
of the CAFCI by feeding two separate circuits from one breaker
position – saving both space in the load center and time in
implementation, all while maintaining safety and compliance.
This is ideal for new construction or renovations and is available
in either Plug-on Neutral or Pigtail versions.
• Flexibility – fits in new or existing construction
• Increased safety with connection indicators
• Fast installation
• National Electrical Code (NEC®) 210.12 compliant

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